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Before buying properties for sale under project, off plan properties and real estate in Antalya, you should make sure the liability of the developer and the construction company. If you want to buy property under project from developer, we strongly recommend you to consider the following topics, in order to make right decision among many different construction companies.

Which Projects in Antalya

Different projects in Antalya built with new construction techniques and trends, causes some difficulties while choosing the right one. It is often quite difficult and the biggest issue to select the most appropriate project among all the others that suits you best to live in Antalya. You need to define your priorities in order to select the right project in Antalya. There are variety of issues that worries you such as; location, garden, car parking, common areas, the buildings at the neighborhood, nearest park, shopping facilities, public transportation facilities, right directions for sunlight, insulation, interiors, materials, reasonable price-quality ratio, future value increase etc. These issues may differ on everyone's preference rankings. Those who want to buy properties, apartments, flats, villas from the developer during the stage of project or construction period should make sure the liability of the constructor before considering technical specifications. We would like to draw your attention to the following issues, which we find important before deciding to buy off plan projects or the properties under development.

What to know before purchasing property in Antalya, Turkey;

• To check weather the property’s ownership is registered on seller’s name.
• To check if there is any mortgage on the property.
• If each unit servitude is approved on tapu office official documents.
• To check if management plan list is settled.
• Weather the earthquake regulations have been utilized.
• Insulation and energy identification certificate were approved.
• Building auditing certificate was given.
• Building residential permission is approved.
• Individual condominium permission is approved.

If the Property is Under Project;

• Make sure the position of the unit is on the right place on municipal numeric documents.
• Sign an additional contract with the constructer or developer to make sure the project will be completed according to the construction permission and the commitments.
• Ask for guarantee for the down payments before the official ownership.
• Include and extra penalty clause in the contract if the project will not be completed on time.
• Check the construction permission documents and see the net sizes of each unit.

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